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What is Veneering?
by Terry Canup

Once a manufacturer decides what the physical construction is going to be, they then need to determine the finished look.

One of the most popular options is to attach a thin layer to the products' surface to give it the finish and texture the manufacturer is trying to achieve. This gives them great flexibility of looks, with the same basic case construction
. It also reduces manufacturing cost and speeds production time. The technique is known as veneering.
Applying a wood veneer to an all wood
Applying a single source veneer to a wood base
Veneering has been around for hundreds of years. Craftsman have used it to enhance the look of the final product for generations. It is a precision technique. Once the base surface has been prepared, the veneer is laid on by gluing its layer, in a bond, to the base material. By hand, this is done by using what is known as a veneer roller. On an industrial scale large machine rollers veneer the raw planks prior to them being cut for specific furniture uses. Today, there are a number of materials used as veneers.
Many cosmetic hardwoods come in fine
Multi source hardwood veneers
The traditional wood veneers are still the most popular, but vinyl is quite widely used. Marble top furniture used to consist of thick slabs of polished marble stone bolted to the furniture casing. Now-a-days, thin sheets of marble veneered over a wood or MDF top is the economical alternative and still gives you real marble tops. Manufacturers are constantly coming up with lower production cost alternatives. New marble-look resin top veneers have become very popular. Some refer to it as man-made marble.
Finished veneer work
Hand veneering a cosmetic design with multi source hardwoods
Even lower cost alternatives are available. Called faux marble (or Alabama marble for where it was invented), it is a print-on finish. New computer technology allows furniture producers to program designs that large machines print onto the surface of the chosen material (usually, pressboard or MDF boards, because of their exceptionally smooth surfaces. While it is used in simulating marble, it is also used to simulate wood grains and even paint finishes. Done properly, it can be very difficult to distinguish the difference between real wood and print on finishes on a composite material..

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